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Start your Accio Project

Create a new project

With Accio CLI, you can follow the steps as below to create a new Accio project by yourself:

  1. Init: Start by using the init command to create a fresh Accio project. This will generate a template directory structure included a template MDL file.

    accio init my-accio-project

    Accio provide 3 template for accio init command, you can choose what you want using --template option:

    • default: The default MDL which contains the connection for Postgres and some models definition.
    • bigquery: The MDL which contains the connection for 'BigQuery' and some models definition.
    • example: The MDL used by quickstart.
  2. Modeling: Based on the generated template file, accio-project.mdl, you need to

    • According your data source, setup the connection information at config part.
    • Follow data modeling to describe your data source
  3. Start: After prepared your MDL file, you can start your Accio now.

    accio serve --input accio.mdl --output accio.json

The serve command will convert your MDL to the manifest JSON required by Accio server, then move the manifest json file to Accio server and start server.

Start to access your metrics

  • Accio implements Postgres Wire Protocol to serve as its query entrypoint, allowing you to utilize the Postgres driver to establish a connection with Accio.
  • Furthermore, you have the option to execute the accio cli command, which initiates an internal psql session(Postgres' CLI tool) enabling you to submit queries to your Accio server.
  • Explore advanced Accio querying techniques for more comprehensive insights.
  • Discover the ChatGPT plugin to harness the potential of AI for intelligent querying strategies.