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Query Your Data Warehouse
Like Exploring One Big View

Your central repository for defining consistent relationships, metrics, and expressions.
Experience a single source of truth in your data warehouse, with on-demand SQL generation for a composable, reusable approach.

Easily to explore insight
with consistent metrics

With Accio, users can effortlessly explore data and do data analytics without worrying about the question of "why are these numbers different."
Data Engineer / Analyst
Define consistent relationships, metrics, and expressions for on-the-fly computations in reports and dashboards across various BI tools.
Data Scientist
Directly leverage the defined relationships for data analysis without the need to replicate data logic and relationships into Python code.
Non-Tech Users
No need to learn SQL syntax. Using the Accio plugin in ChatGPT can seamlessly translate your requests into appropriate SQL queries, making data model exploration an easy and enjoyable experience.

How Accio Works

Define Data Model You Can Read

Accio provides a syntax similar to GraphQL that allows you to define models, relationships, and metrics in a human-readable format. This intuitive approach makes data models more understandable and maintainable.
The relationships describe how to link two models together and enable seamless data integration and analysis across both entities. It allow us to access the columns of the table through this field.
Create a standardized formula or establishing a composite key that serves as a link to other models. These practices allow for greater flexibility and adaptability when working with the data, enabling us to effectively organize and analyze the information at hand.
A pre-aggregated metric will be generated when the Accio server is started. The result of a metric will be cached in DuckDB to accelerate metric access from BI tools.

Visualize Your Data Model

Accio offers a user-friendly interface that provides data analysts with a holistic view of the relationships between their data models, enabling them to grasp the interconnectedness and dependencies within their data ecosystem.

Accelerate Metric Access

Accio utilizes DuckDB as a caching layer to accelerate query performance for BI tools. By leveraging DuckDB's caching capabilities, Accio enhances productivity and reduces strain on data sources, resulting in efficient and seamless data exploration.

Query From Standard SQL

Accio supports the PostgreSQL wire protocol and a standard syntax that is similar to ANSI SQL. Accio can dynamically generate SQL queries on-demand, and the SQL will be rewritten to match the syntax of the data source for execution.
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